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Reneé Metevier: A World Ranked Professional Runner and Business Owner

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Once you meet Reneé Metevier, you will instantly understand the power and energy radiating off of this incredibly dynamic woman. She is vibrating with personality and enthusiasm for life. An extraordinary, world class athlete, successful business owner, and all around big hearted human being, Reneé positively affects everyone she ever meets. If you are an athlete, a runner, a personal trainer, a business owner, or, if you just want insight into a person who has never let setbacks stop her, make sure to check out this episode!

You can find out more about Renee and Recharge at

2:30, 5:10 Her personal sports history

7:13 Her first race at 12 - being a "cocky little shit"

8:45 College - majoring in math, considering a PhD, and running

10:45 Pursuing your best self

12:00 Choosing running as a career in college, facing parental pressure

13:01 Using criticism as fuel

13:45 Choosing a path and managing money

15:56 Parental Support and staying committed

18:36 Opening a business, dealing with chronic injuries

22:15 Cryotherapy, yes or no?

23:38 Description of Recharge

25:00 Being your best self in business, being a female business owner

28:44 Being a lifetime athlete, dealing with setbacks

30:30 Surgeries, racing, and rehab

33:40 Getting convinced to get back into racing; the awesome Bend, Oregon running community; winning a 4th National Title

35:25 Favorite quote and finding your limits

37:40 Quote from Rocky; a painful marathon

41:47 Pain forces growth; becoming your best self

45:50 Balancing sport and committed relationships

50:22 Training smarter, not harder

52:54 Helping others become their best selves

55:25 Having fun exhancing athletic performance

58:50 Falling in love with Bend

59:14 Pursuing your passions

1:00:55 A passion for training

1:03:30 Not racing to beat other people; the awesome Bend running community

1:07:48 Finding your "why"

1:08:55. Nicknames and a weakness for potato chips

1:10:54 A quote from Marcus Aurelius; how it affected her recovery and her path in life

1:19:12 Embracing your flaws

1:21:18 Finding balance

1:22:52 Where life leads sometimes

1:23:19 What's next

1:28:45 I get questioned by Renee

1:33:16 The power of collaboration

Watch my full interview with Reneé HERE

The Call to Create Podcast
Reneé Metevier: A World Ranked Professional Runner and Business Owner

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