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The call to create is a noble one.

Welcome to The Call to Create. All of us face challenges everyday in life and if you are trying to do anything creative—anything artistic—you know those challenges are even bigger. 

We face not just the challenges of day to day life—of family, kids, paying bills and holding down a job. 

We also face internal challenges. We tell ourselves we are not good enough. We tell ourselves we don’t have enough skill or enough knowledge. Or that we don’t have the right tools or know the right people…

What we talk about with our guests on this podcast, is how they have overcome these challenges and to share with you how they are walking their path in creative pursuit. 


We bring you the creative minds behind the work. We share the triumphs and also the struggles because in the end—although we are unique in our journey—we all face challenges in our universal calling to create.

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