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Episode One - Todd Looby: From Engineering to Filmmaking

Welcome to the very first episode of The Call To Create! I get to sit down with a man whose life and interests have taken him to fascinating places and on an interesting course. Todd Looby is the Executive Director of the Bend Film Festival in Bend, Oregon. Way back in the day, Todd studied environmental engineering in college and worked in Construction management for the largest construction firm in Chicago after receiving his degree. His life followed a predictable path for a while, but his creative urge and exposure to film and filmmaking caught up to him. His desire to make movies eventually led to his departure from the world of large scale commercial construction. Filmmaking, video production, wife, kids, and a move to Bend, Oregon all followed. Ride along as we talk about how it all came to be and how he got where he is today.

To help you find the parts of the interview that might have the greatest appeal, I've broken down many of the main topics by general time frame in the show where they occur. The time stamps are minutes.

8:00 Film School, video and media production, now vs. 1997

12:05 Todd's first Mini DV video camera and his first VCR editing

17:26 Meeting his wife, Monica and how George W. Bush brought them together

25:00 From Construction Management to Filmmaker

27:10 Bend Film

31:32 Todd's last narrative feature

35:20 Does running the Bend Film Festival satisfy the creative urge?

38:10 Growth of the Bend Film Festival

42:16 The benefits of filmmakers coming to the Festival

44:15 Economic impact of the Bend Film Festival

45:15 What's next for Todd and the Bend Film Festival

49:25 Room for Festival Growth and taking over the Tin Pan Theatre

51:30 Where does creativity take you and how it worked for Todd

54:15 Filmmaking as a means of self discovery -

Thomas Merton and James Martin on Becoming Who You Are

55:30 Caldera Arts

57:35 Thomas Merton

1:01:35 How creative people express themselves

Thanks for heeding the Call. If you're so inclined, subscribe to the show, shoot me an email, give the video a thumbs up! Catch you on the flip side!

Watch my full interview with Todd Looby HERE

The Call to Create Podcast
Todd Looby, self taught filmmaker

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