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Falk Hentschel - Love of family, love of art

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

What matters? In your life, in the ways you spend your time, in the ways you invest in your career and your family, what truly matters to you? I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with a gentleman, an artist, and a man of vision. Falk Hentschel is a professional actor who is passionate about his art form, his love for his partner, and about his family. One of the great joys of what I get to do on The Call To Create is talk with people of heart, people who carry a deep love in their hearts for their pursuits. But my conversation with Falk was special, because so many of the things that he is passionate about resonate so deeply with me. 

It is easy for us to buy into the lie that life is complicated. Life can be hard. Life can be painful and joyous. But it need not be complicated if you know what your foundations are. Falk’s foundations become very clear in our conversation. His love of his partner, Kim, is clear. His love for his family and for acting is clear. Underlying it all is a love of human connection. Is there anything more important than the people that enrich our lives? We all have to realize that none of us will make it through this life without the help of others. Falk’s life is not complicated. He lives his life for his loves - acting, filmmaking, and people. Love is the basis for his life, and we would all be better served if we followed his example

As Falk says in our conversation, “film gets made by a family”. So also is a life made. The people that become our chosen family are crucial to a rich, vital life when times are good, and when times are bad, it is the people that stand by us, hold us up, or that put us back on our feet when we get knocked flat that keep us going. 

Falk also said, “Corona is a physical manifestation of separation”. Since that episode was captured, we have become even more physically separated by the threat of the Corona virus. This is a perverse gift. It has forced us all to realize just how much we depend on our connections with others. We must choose to strengthen our connections to others in whatever way we can - phone calls, FaceTime, text messages, and being physically with those few who we have chosen to isolate ourselves with. We are now forced by the threat of illness to truly appreciate how much we need others. 

When it is safe to do so again, it is important that we all prioritize time spent with those we care about. We have to make sure that separation doesn’t become normal. We now know how important other people are. We have to strengthen those connections, reach out to those we love. We have to celebrate the people we have in our lives. Reach out. Connect. Take this time to think about the path you want your life to take from here. As Falk said, “I can’t hold back anymore, I gotta just try.” Just try. Life is too short to do anything else.

Watch my full interview with Falk on Youtube:

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