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What is The Call To Create?

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Is there something you are passionate about in your life? Is there something you want to be passionate about in your life?

Maybe you already are creating a life around your passions and struggle with how to make that life work with all of the demands of the day to day—bills, kids, family, and the respect of those around you. You might be looking around and wondering how others are successful at merging their professional life with their passions while also living life as a family member and friend.

If this sounds like you, know you are not alone.

On The Call To Create, I sit down with people from different backgrounds and professions to discuss how they made their lives work with their creative passions, what led them to do what they do, and how it has worked for them over time. We sit down with filmmakers, actors, professional athletes, digital creatives, artists, and people whose lives are not so simply described.

I want you, the viewer, the listener, the reader - our community - to come along for the ride, but I also want you to participate. Let me know what your questions are, what your struggles are, what solutions you've found. Let me know how you're finding your way and where you need guidance. Email me, message me, send up a flare. Get in touch with us and let us know what you need to know, what you want to watch, what you need to hear! The point is to bring us all together. To create a community of people from a wild array of fields, interests, and professions who all share the desire to create a life in which each of us is able to pursue their passions. This is just the beginning. It will be a wild ride. Come along with us!

The Call to Create Podcast
The call to create is a noble one.

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